Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Back to School Minions

It is almost Back to School time! Here is a cute project I do for Back to School Minions of Reasons to Love your Grade. I'm in first grade this year. So I'll change the little caption to read "There are MINIONS of reasons to love first grade!"

There are MINIONS of reasons to try this cute art project! It is easy if you cut out all the pieces for young children. First and Second graders could trace templates for the blue and black pieces. Kids rarely can cut a good circle so I'd use stickers or punch outs for those. I happen to have a roll of white 1 inch stickers we used for the eyes. And wiggly eyeballs inside.
Cute little Minions art project turned out fun and funny! 
I cut out the black circle eyes, the black circle buttons too. Both were about 1/2 inch circles. I cut out a bunch of white teeth about 1/2 inch squares and the kids chose how many and added them to the tongue. It consists of a black background half of an oval shape, and then the tongue is an oblong oval with a cut on one end.

I had an idea for a cute banner too....."Mrs. Moss' class has a Minion reasons to love Kindergarten!"

I had a mom helper cut out the black eyegear strip, the tongues and the blue overalls. I cut out the yellow bodies. You could do them in different shapes like tall and skinny, short and fat. That would give you even more variety.

Here is our cute Back to School Minions bulletin board. 
I LOVED these minions made into a bulletin board. But look at these CUPCAKES I found HERE on Pinterest! ! I have GOT. TO. MAKE.THEM!

Back to School Minion Art Project 

It will be a great first day of school art project. I better get busy cutting out the pieces! 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Dr. Seuss Art for First Graders

Cat in the Hat Art and Writing Project we did in my classroom. 
We had Dr. Seuss Day and made some cute Dr. Seuss Art for First Graders. It was a lot of fun to do Cat in the Hats with whiskers and a striped hat.

We made Little Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hats after reading the story The Cat in the Hat.

These cute cookies were made by the school librarian to celebrate Reading Across America Day and Dr. Seuss' birthday too. 

We did an Author's Study about Dr. Seuss whose real name is Theodor Seuss Geisel.
Here's a close up of one of the cats we made. It is made with a black circle, a white circle a bit smaller, a triangle red nose, wiggly eyes, 6 little black whisker strips and a bow tie in addition to a white hat with red stripes and brim a bit larger rectangle.  
Then I found this cute paper on TPT I really liked this Read the Room freebie HERE and this writing paper HERE at  Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations HERE.  We used it to write some really funny stories of what we would do if we had Thing 1 and Thing 2 show up at our house. 

Our school has a yearly theme and this year our principal chose Oh The Places You'll Go, another one of Dr. Seuss' books.  She made this cute little road sign in the pot to the left with a Cat in the Hat hat on top of it. It is in our foyer along with this bulletin board. 

Great first grade writing. 

More great first grade writing about Thing 1 and Thing 2. 

Cat in the Hat day writing. 

I loved reading everybody's Thing 1 and Thing 2 stories. Then they colored everything red and black and blue. It turned out so cute! 

All the kids wanted their chores done by Thing 1 and 2. Go figure. I'd want that too, wouldn't you? 

Cute little cats lined the hallways at our school fir Dr. Seuss Day. 

Cute Cat in the Hat art project for first grade. It was really fun. I copied off a sheet of eyeballs and each of the kids cut one set out. I got them HERE at Vector

Our Cat in the Hat bulletin board was very cute. There are 27 little cats and hats and stories here. It was a week of work editing and rewriting. 

We also made some necklaces out of "Oh the Places You'll Go" tags the principal bought us and I added them to black yarn and went and bought red black and white beads for the kids to bead on either side of them. They made some cute necklaces that I forgot to take a picture of. Bad me. 
All in all it was a very fun day. Thanks Dr. Seuss for all the good fun that was funny this week. 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

January Poems of the Week and Flannel Fingerplays

I'm adding a new center to my first grade classroom this week.  I know kids love to manipulate flannel and I have made or found a few cute little poems with darling things to go with the poems.
January Poems of the Week and Flannel Board Finger Plays.
I will introduce Poems of the Week at our rug time and I'll teach them to a familiar tune. Then after all the kids have learned the tune and poem I will place them that week at the Poems & Flannel Board center. I will have flannel things to manipulate along with each poem.
Make a Snowman by adding the parts and pieces. 
Here are my 4 poems for January:

JANUARY POEM (Tune: Itsy Bitsy Spider)
The month of January is finally here to stay.
We stay up late at night, to ring in New Year's Day.
The snowflakes fall in the middle of the night.
And when we all wake up, the whole wide world is white.

Our class will set new goals to get better at some things
Like sight words and math facts and new songs to sing
But the best part is skating or sledding in the snow
So grab your coats and hats, and away we all will GO!

I will have snowflakes, skates, sleds, snow hats and Snowmen in flannel.
Snowman face parts and scarfs and hats to add. 

Five little snowmen big and fat
The first one had one big black hat
The second one had two mittens in blue
The third one had three fingers on arms made of twig
The fourth one had four buttons on his belly so big
The fifth one had five coal bits for his grin
When all of a sudden the wind and snows begin
To blow the stuff around again and what do you suppose?
Those things landed on my snowman, so I add a carrot nose.
And all that wonderful, winter snow and ice,
Sure make my Snowman look happy and nice.

January Poems (Here is a free poem to start your Poems of the Week and Finger Plays and Flannel Board Center!)
I found this cute SNOW ceramic and little tin mailbox from Hobby Lobby. So Cute! 
It would be fun to cut out parts of snowmen from felt and just let the kids design snowmen to go along with the poems. The same thing with different snowflake cutouts I could make from white sparkly felt. There are also foam ones to purchase from Michaels like these here.

The last poem I got from TPT 5 Little Snowmen HERE and  one on Snowflakes HERE.  This pack is only $6.00 and the kids would love using them for counting too if I add some addition flashcard facts to the center.

These are really cute and I could tape a tiny sight word on a label to each one of the 24 snowflakes. Or I might check at Michaels or Joannes for similar snowflakes with a 40% off coupon and my teacher discount. Or I could go cheap and buy 2 little 33 cent sheets of white foam and punch out snowflakes at the district using die cuts.

Another fun set to choose from would be the 5 snowmen in felt that comes along with this CD of songs. I love that idea. I could use it to sing the songs and poems with the kids at the rug, and then put the snowmen and snowflakes at the center. It is $14.95. It looks super cute. And I have Amazon Prime so I could get free shipping.


The one I liked the very best was the winter scene flannel board set below. It is the most expensive at $16.00 but I think just placing it at the flannel board center with 5 poems would be a hit for the whole month. I could cover the poems with page protectors and put them in a January blue folder or small binder.

The students could sit on the rug and put pieces on the flannel board while reciting or singing the poems.  They could also use little witch fingers or tiny pointers I have to point to the words together. They will LOVE this center.
I have some cute Snowmen out of fabric and Tin and this new book Snowmen All Year set up in my classroom to start the new year. 
Some of my favorite books we will read this month too. Happy New Year! 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Reindeer Art and Dear Santa Letter Writing

Well it is the season for Santa letter writing! And it is one writing project I never have to motivate anybody to do a good job on. The kids all want to tell Santa they have been good and nobody seems to worry about that old "naughty list" he keeps.

All these kiddos in my class did such great handwriting to Santa. And they have done all those pesky chores at home too! They deserve some Santa loot don't they? 

Santa Letter Writing was so funny. This student "did his homework and cleaned his room!" So Santa, PLEASE send those toys! 
Reindeer Art. We added red glitter to the Rudolf noses. 

And He "sets the table...sometimes..." haha. So sweet. 

Being "quiet in class" should get her lots of Santa points I'd say! lol. 

I love that he's been taking care of his baby brother for mom. What a good boy! 

Reindeer Art projects. Gotta love those eylashes. 

Santa Letter Writing and cute little Reindeer with curly eyelashes. 

I found darling letter writing paper for this project HERE at TPT. It is FREE. There is a cute bunch of Elf writing paper too that had nice big first grade lined paper HERE from Moffett Girls. I really like their stuff.

Anyhoo, I hope every one of these darling kiddos gets what they want for Christmas! They are sure a cute bunch!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Star Wars Word Family Stars on a Stick

Every year I try to come up with a few new ways to teach a word family in a way the students will remember. I did this activity a few years ago and I think it helped solidify the Star Word Family. We made Stars on a Stick!
STAR word family "STARS on a STICK" activity. 

I designed a cute STAR shape that had lots of points on it. It really looks more like a SUN but isn't the sun actually a star? Yes it is. The reason being that each of the points on the star will become a place to write a "STAR WORD" or word with the "AR" chunk. Then we decorated them with stickers and markers and added wooden skewers taped to the backs.

I started by teaching the students this little story. Mr. A in the Alphabet made a deal with Mr. R. He said "If you let me be in front, I'll let you say your name."
So in every word where Mr. A is in front of Mr. R, you only hear Mr. R's name.
So we call these words STAR words in my classroom. The words with the "AR" chunk or word family.

Yes I must admit that we had the word "Fart" mentioned and without batting an eyelid I turned and wrote it down. What was I thinking, really? Of course it ended up on every freaking star! 

Then we brainstormed a list of AR or STAR words on the board. I showed the students the pretty poster I made to keep up in the room all year long to remind us of STAR WORDS.

Then we went to work writing our own choice of STAR WORDS and then decorating our stars. Short of breaking out the glitter which I have done some years, we added stickers and lots of cute marker designs. Here are a few cute ones. You KNOW I love my cutsie stuff.
Kids had fun reading their "STARS ON A STICK". 

Then came the fun activity. We got into partners and played the "STAR GAME". Which is simply "I read a word to you, then you read a word to me". Do this 3 or 4 times and then I ring a bell. You have to run to a new partner in the room before the bell dings again. Then replay the game with a new partner. They would have played the game for another 10 minutes. They were reading the entire time.

Think of ways to do these kinds of reading activities with harder types of word families like the IGHT words, or DIGRAPH Words. In our class we are using STAR WARS for lots of engagement in reading and writing. Our latest is using CHEWBACCA for the CH digraph practice. I found a fun package of Star War's masks at Target's Dollar section. I also found some free coloring pages with STAR WARS Characters HERE.  Here are some masks you can purchase if you want to do what we did. Or you could try the Target dollar spot area. I got mine for $3.00 for 3 masks.

I forgot to take a picture of our Chewbacca brainstorm of words for the digraph "CH". I attached the mask to the brown butcher paper and it has a prominent place on our front board to refer to these words and the word "digraph" which is coming up on our language arts benchmark. I will snap a pic today and add it tonight. It is really cute.

I'm going to find a little miniature CHEWBACCA and we'll have to do him on a stick. haha. Chewbacca on a stick. Priceless!

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