Thursday, July 31, 2014

Days of the Week Songs and Months of the Year Songs

DAYS OF THE WEEK SONG  - Fun to sing with your class!

This is the Days of the Week Song with the Adams Family Tune 

 12 Months of the Year Song - We'll sing this a couple of times a week!

 ABC Songs - These are cute and different from the traditional ABC Song which most kids already know. I LOVE how there are sounds with the  letters too.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Kite Art and Diamonte Poetry

Pretty Colorful KITES bulletin board using up lots of recycled paper! 

Kite Art and Diamonte  or Cinquain Poems 
A few weeks ago we wrote our Cinquain Poetry (Diamond Shape Poems) for our tissue paper kites we had made the week before in art. These are the poems that start out with 1 word, then 2 describing words, then 3 "ing" words, then 2 more describing words,  then 1 synonym to match the 1st word.  They are fun to do. A website for a Cinquain Poetry Lesson Plan HERE.
Here is a sample from a previous year. The Butterflies come to life with these describing words....
 The kids did everything from  Flowers to Soccer and Insects.I had a Cinquain rough draft forms they wrote their sloppy copies on. Then I edited for spelling, then they rewrote them. Here are a few from previous years.

Then I typed these Cinquain Poems up.....

Some were about flowers, some about Summer, some about sports, pets, whatever.....
Then we cut out in diamond shapes and glue them on a  kite form. Then we glued them to the back of our tissue paper kites.

Blooming flowers...
We did tissue paper art last week using the " half glue, half water" painting on tissue paper method. Then we let them dry and placed a heavy literature book on them over the weekend to make the kites lay flat. Here they are hanging up.

Purple, yellow, orange, pink, blue, green.....Hanging from the ceiling...don't they look cute?

For the kite's tail, we had also written our spelling words 3 times each on little leftover strips of paper from a previous project we recycled.We made them into spelling chains and stapled them to the bottom of our kites for tails.

  I do these paper chains for spelling words at least once a month all year to use up and recycle leftover colored paper. Such pretty colors!
These kids are really SOARING HIGH! It has been so fun to see such progress!

After we attached some rainbow colored paper chains, we colored the sun and the flowers too.
This year I made the kids write out their poems. Previous years when I had a smaller class than 30 I would type them up so the diamond shape really showed!
Flowers reaching...

The flowers were made from cupcake papers and triangles of tissue paper. Then add a cirlce in the middle of yellow and add seeds of any kind. It's a great end of year art project to take home and hang in their bedroom somewhere. Kites are great.

Cupcake Paper Art 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cereal Box Book Reports

We had fun sharing our Cereal Box Book Reports for the last 3 days of school. Here are a few cute pictures of the kids and their boxes.

 The kids had to make up a cereal name, and design how it looked, give a summary on one side of the box, tell the characters and setting on the side of the box, give it 1 to 5 stars and pages numbers on the top and make up a game for the back.
Here are a few of the handmade creations.....future cereal executives in the Marketing Division! 
 The games included mazes, word searches, matching games, word jumbles and Candyland type games. They were all fun to Play!
I thought this MAZE was very creative......

Some more creative names for CEREAL BOX BOOK REPORTS.....
 Then the kids had to include a prize in their box. These creative kids' prizes included 1. Bottle Caps candy, 2. A Magic 8 Ball, and 3. A Stuffed Kitty. The prizes were then piled high on a table, everybody was given a number from one to 30 and they went up and picked from the mountain of prizes. COOL!
Cute and colorful cereals from these inventors! 

Creative CEREALS and CEREAL NAMES from these 3 girls.....

And they had some really cute games on the back as you can see.....

Some of the kids gave 5 "bones" or "lightening bolts" instead of 5 stars. I thought that was really clever!!! 


CEREAL BOX BOOK REPORTS were very cute.....

And the games were fun too! 

These two are marketing geniuses! Take note #Kelloggs and #Post Cereal Companies!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


 I got a few ideas from looking at this website HERE before deciding on COWBOY PUPPET SHOWS!

Our Reading Streets story was called COWBOYS. I had an idea to do some Cowboy Puppet Show Stories to go along with it for writing workshop a few weeks ago.

Here are the finished products we shared with each other. One person read at the microphone and their friend used their puppet and his puppet to do the puppeteering during the story reading.

Each story had to have a setting where cowboys would roam; a problem and a solution, and 2 characters and a title. And a cowboy puppet made from a western paper doll and western boy and girl outfits. They were really funny!

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Ugly Duckling Class Play


 We had a lot of fun learning the songs and performing "The Ugly Duckling Musical" last week.
 We had swan dancers, The swan singers, the barnyard brood soloists, the skunks soloists, the duckings and mama and papa duck dancers and singers, the barnyard hoedown dancers and many speakers and backstage crew. It was fun to cast the play this year because we had SO MANY wonderful singers.
Here is everybody doing faces and acting wacky after the show. 

I think they all had a great time. 

Of course I HAD to get one good shot of everybody with our cool hand-painted backdrop.  

 And we had to add one more wacky faced picture....just for the fun of it! haha. (note to not EVER make that particular face again in a photo op....) :-)
I hope you all enjoyed our play. We enjoyed performing it. Good job everyone! 

Bar Graphs and Ordered Pairs Graphing Fun

We are doing graphing in math this week and have done some very creative surveys, bar graphs, pictographs and now some ordered pairs grids.
Surveys and Bar Graphs in 2nd Grade 

Making a bar graph after doing a class survey is fun! 

We started out by each of us coming up with a question to pose for our classmates to take a survey.
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE __________.  We made a big brainstorm of about 25 different types of things; sports, soda pop, cartoons, colors, days of the week, animals, birthday place, dessert, etc. Then each of us put our name next to one of them so we didn't have any duplicates.
Everybody chose their own "What is your Favorite....." to survey the class on. Then they used graph paper to make their totals after tallying up all the surveys. 

They had to also add up their total people surveyed.... They did a great job. 

Then they wrote out 5 different choices on a piece of paper. Then I gave them 5 minutes to go around and try to get more than 20 different people to put a tally mark on their choice. We stopped the timer and I have them each a piece of centimeter graph paper and showed them how to do bar graphs. They tallied their tally marks into numbers and then made the numbers into colorful 5 bar graphs and listed numbers on the side and what they surveyed across the bottom with their question across the top.
All the bar graphs look very colorful and different. One year when I had exactly 20 students we also did a pie chart and it was easy to divide the pie into 20 pieces. They turned out very nice!

Here are some ordered pairs graph games I found on the internet for us to play too. Here is a basketball one from teacher's notebook. And

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bill Nye The Science Guy Mammal and Reptile and Bird Research Reports

We did mammal, reptile and bird reports these past 2 weeks. The kids did a great job finding facts out of their library books and sharing facts with each other and form the folders of animal printouts and cards I have in my stash.
Reptile Reports 
3 reptiles were brought to school by Kam's mom. 

We had Kam's mom come show us his bearded dragon and 2 of his snakes! Very Cool! 

Bearded Dragon got "puffed up" from 30 2nd graders observing it! So cute! 

Snakes! EEK!  

This corn snake was really pretty. The kids loved touching it! 

Snake ART and Reptile Reports 
 We made snakes out of butcher paper and decorated them with washi tape and sticker dots and added a forked, red, tongue and eyes. Then we attached the poem "Black Snake" to the back.

Here is a cute poem by Shel Silverstein about being eaten by a Boa Constrictor....
This cute chart and picture are taken from KinderGals Blog HERE.

Then we make a giant matrix of all the types of animals and fill it in as we learn about them; 1. Amphibians, 2. Mammals, 3. Reptiles, 4. Birds, 5. Fish/Ocean Animalso, 6. Insects. By the end of the study we have done a report on each type. It's great fun! 

Each week I set out a new stash of books and weekly readers so kids can get facts from them. But we also have the internet and library books they have checked out for the week. 

Then we edited (30 kids worth of editing is no picnic, I can tell you that!) and rewrote on our choice of cool paper. Then we illustrated each by tracing some of Mrs. Moss' cool animal coloring pages. These turned out really beautiful. I loved all of their reports. Next we are doing birds and ocean animals. It takes us about a month to do all 5 animal kingdoms (we previously did amphibians and insects).

Check them out. They are very cool. Good job guys!

Turtle report and illustration.......

We used colorful paper in the students' choice for final copies....

We also did birds and mammal reports on different weeks....

Animal Research Reports 

Here is how I did it. I taught them about topic sentences and that they should be kind of like the "main idea" of the report. Then we had details in 3 kinds of paragraphs or groupings. We did 1. what they look like, 2. what they eat, 3. where they are found, and 4. what length and weight they come in. Then they just added interesting facts. Like Jeremy found out that alligators lift up their tails and "stinker" when they want to attract a mate. Hmmm.....that wouldn't work for me, how about you? haha.

All the kids thought that one was hysterical! Animals do the strangest things!