Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sight Word Games

I have been looking for lots of sight word games for center activities these next few weeks. A very cute one I found is a Snowball Sight Word Writing Game. It is HERE at Mrs. Lirettes Learning Detectives.

The kids could stamp the words into playdough, or write the words in flour. That is always fun. My recipe is HERE.

The girl and boy superheroes are HERE at Melonheads.
We also did these superheroes last year with "ing" words. I could have kids write sight words inside the "pow" shapes instead. 
Another fun game was a fly swatter attached to a picture of a cat. Then fish with the sight words are spread all over the floor and the kids take turns "swatting" one of the fish with the fly. I know, it doesn't make sense to me too, except that I know kids will find it engaging. And hopefully they will read the word on the fish as they play. You could also just use a magnet and a string on a stick and make a "fishpole". That is what I will use to play the game with the fish laminated and with a paper clip on each one for the magnet to stick to. This game is HERE.
A game I made up a long time ago is a Spider match game for compound words. I may just use the webs for sight words too! I'll have to come up with a sticky spider of some sort to "stick" to the webs. 
Another cute one was a colorful gumball machine with gumball sight words to read and cover. And this site also had cute little fried eggs with sight words inside, that kids could pick up with a black, plastic spatula from the Dollar Store. I loved these HERE at TPT. They are free.

I also found a cute Princess and Dinosaur Bingo Gameboard pack at Walmart for only a $1.00. I cut out the calling card pictures and wrote a sight word on each one, then wrote the matching word on each board. It took me some time but I just plugged in a DVD and did it while I watched the movie.

Any Bingo game with words would be helpful for K-2 Kids during centers. 
It was cheap and the kids have fun playing it.  The last thing I used for this week is a sight word wall. It is really cute with little pictures along with the words. This would be great for kids to use with Magna Doodles of any kind. They can choose words and write them on chalkboards with colored chalk or even on paper or whiteboards.  The link is HERE on TPT.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Martin Luther King Day Activities

I have kindergarteners this year. So I wanted to do a little bit of the activities I've done in the past but just make them a little simpler. My Martin Luther King posts from the last few years are HERE and HERE.

These little guys did such a good job. I told them some of the stories of the civil rights movement, and nobody thought anything sounded AT ALL FAIR. It is amazing the adults of the time thought things were when 5 and 6 year olds can tell they weren't.

They did a great job writing some Dr. King quotes and phrases for Martin Luther King Day. 
I will put their art and writing up on the bulletin board! It is awesome! 

I can't believe these kiddos are only 5 and 6 years old. 

I told the kids all about how blacks had to ride in the back of the bus, drink out of their own drinking fountains, and be refused service in restaurants. Nobody thought it was fair at all! 

I told them about the fire hoses that were sprayed on people who were marching peacefully with signs because they didn't like the unfairness of it all. They didn't think that was very nice either. 

I told them about the marching people did in large groups holding signs. They wanted to change things for blacks. It wasn't fair the way things were. The key was that the marches were peaceful. Dr. King helped people to dissent without violence. Boy do we need some of Dr. King's influence these days!!! 

So maybe Dr. King day comes at a good time in our country. America needs to feel more unified and peaceful after the recent events in Ferguson and other places in our world. There is so much violence! 

Show that you care......what a great sentiment! 

Dr. King would be proud of these students who really got his message. 

This one kind of resembles Al Sharpton! How did that happen? lol 

I thought this one turned out great too. 
We had a good day learning about a Great American Hero. Dr. King lives on even though he was assassinated. 

Treat people kindly. That is one of his messages and a great take away from today's discussions. 

Happy Martin Luther King Day! 

We will try to follow his example this week and this month and always! 

Martin Luther King day is this coming Monday, January 19th. 

I like this writing paper I found on TPT as a freebie. I like the dotted lines for my little kinders to help them form good habits and proper handwriting. It is HERE at TPT. There were some cute coloring pages also.
Martin Luther King, Jr. art and writing for K-2. We read the poem and wrote phrases from it in Kindergarten today. 
I liked these activities for Dr. King Day too. Check them out HERE at TPT.  Another cute one with an "I Have a Dream" header for a bulletin board or a shared writing is HERE  from TPT. A cute wordsearch is HERE too. Some writing stationery is HERE. All are freebies.
Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream quote was a springboard for writing our dreams for the world. 
DIRECTED DRAWING of Dr. King.......INSTRUCTIONS: I do it on the board then turn and walk around to see who needs help. Some kids will have to try the head a few times to get the right shape.

The directed drawing I did was easy. Tell the kids to use a brown, black, red and blue crayon only. Tell them to watch you do it first and listen carefully. Then they do what you did and WAIT for you to go on to the next instruction.  Tell them to color in light even strokes using the side of the crayon.

1. First draw a large oval with the brown crayon. Find the middle of the oval and Add a nose that is like 2 small mountains or a capital M with a C on the left and a backwards C on the right. NO top on the nose.
2. Then in between the top of the head and the nose draw in 2 black eyes dark and round, but leave a little circle of white in the very middle. Then draw a half-circle arch above each eye in black.
3. Then above the eyes draw 2 bushy black eyebrows kind of like a caterpillar.
4. Then under the nose draw bushy black mustache like a caterpillar.
5. Then in between the nose and chin we will do a mouth kind of shaped like a rounded-at-the-bottom heart. Color it in light brown with a hint of light red.
6. Then put 2 ears on each side of the head even with the nose and color them in with brown.
7. Then use black and make circular swirls of black hair all around the head like a short afro cut.
8. Then draw a  suit coat with a V neck in black but then color it in with blue, in an even direction. Be sure it is BLUE and not aqua.
9. Inside the v neck draw a red tie kind of diamond shaped. Then draw a small black W right under the chin, so it will look like a white shirt collar.
10. Then add some fireworks shaped like a plus sign and an X in blue and then go over it also in red. 11. Then put the name on top Dr. King.
12.  Older kids can also draw an American flag on a pole.

Martin Luther King was a great American leader. We have so few that really stand out these days don't we. I hope all the kids catch a glimpse of him on T.V. this weekend. Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Amazon ECHO is My New Favorite Toy!

We've been having a lot of fun with this VERY NEW and VERY COOL musical toy my hubs got me for Christmas, and I just had to share!  It just came in the mail on Friday. It is called the Amazon Echo. We can talk to it just like the iphone's Siri. It answers your questions in a fun way. It can save your grocery list and help your kids spell their spelling words. But the best part is that it will play you your favorite music. It can be left on your kitchen or desk. It will play anything you feel like listening to. It will start and stop when you tell it to. It is amazing! Check it out!

Dylan in his Little Superman Jogger with a cape. Superman is pretty awesome too, as is James Blunt. At least we think so in this house. 
Superman taking off as he is rather camera shy.....snicker....
 I am in wonder of modern technology. I am living the life of the Jetsons (a childhood cartoon...lots of robots and spaceships). Marty McFly was right in Back to the Future. It is not out yet in general distribution. We won an invitation lottery and were invited to purchase it for half off the $199 price. What a great gift. I love my new Amazon Echo. It's the bomb.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

21 Frozen Party Ideas

Here are 21 Frozen Party Ideas I used for a winter party in my classroom, since we went offtract the first week in December. I also had a Frozen party for my 6 little grandkids. We had one Weekend all my kids were together for the holidays. And I can tell you we sure had a lot of fun at both parties!

A Fun Frozen Party Game is Pin the Nose on Olaf
5 Crafts to Make 

1. Blue, glittery slime making. Check out the recipe HERE is the recipe.

To make this slime recipe you will need…
  • 1 Part Elmers Clear School Glue
  • 1 Part Liquid Starch
  • food coloring and glitter
2. Snowflake Making using coffee filters - fold a coffee filter once like a taco, twice like a piece of pizza and a third time like an ice cream cone. Cut out little triangles along both sides leaving the tip and the curve alone. Unfold to reveal a snowflake!

Frozen Party Cookies - Make "Sven" Reindeer Cookies 
3. Face Painting using glittery stencils. I found some really easy glitter stencils at Target for $6.00. They include 3 colors of glitter, stencils and a tiny bottle of face glue and a powder  paintbrush to dab on the glitter. They are reusable! HERE are some from Kohls. They were easy and the girls loved them!

Here is the Kit I used for Glitter Face Painting. It was $6.00 at Target. I recently found another one for $5.00 at T.J. Max. They had a Frozen Glitter Tattoo Art Kit at Kohls for $9.00 recently too. Check it out HERE.
Glitter Face Painting for the Frozen Winter Party. It was a fun activity. 
Glitter Face Tattoos. Marisa wanted a peace sign. She was probably thinking of Peace on Earth! 
My cute granddaughter I did some swirls and doo dads with makeup for the Frozen Face Painting. 

4 .White playdough with glitter "Snowball Playdough" and free printable tags for the playdough HERE at Yellow Bwnliss Road. I will just use ziplock bags and tape the tags on. If you make this at home you could use little baby food jars and wrap a blue glittery ribbon around each one with the cute tags. Tutorial for easy Playdough is HERE at Patties Classroom.

KOOL-AID PLAY DOUGH RECIPE (for snowballs leave white)
2 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup salt
2 pkg kool-aid (unsweetened) Use blue raspberry for blue dough     2 tablespoons cream of tarter
Mix together then add in:
2 cups boiling water
3 tablespoons oil

Mix and knead for 4 minutes or until cool. 
We mixed it all in the Mixmaster for 4 minutes. Easy Peasy! 

5. Make a bracelet using white, light and dark blue, and purple and pink beads and chenille stems. Add an enamel snowflake in purple, blue or pink to each one.  These are easy to make for even young children. Use pony beads from the craft store or walmart. The faceted clear beads in blue and purple are pretty to use too. Get the enameled snowflakes from Oriental Trading for $6.50 for a dozen charms. Or find them at a bead store.

Make bracelets from pony beads and chenille stems. These were green ones for earth day we did in April, but I've done them for Valentines with red, pink and white, for Easter in pastels and Pirate day in black and white. They are really easy for kids to make. Use special foam beads from Oriental trading for more choices in beads. 
 4 Fun Games to Play

6. Snowball bowling with white whiffle balls. Use printables taped on each blue, plastic cup and draw numbers on each cup for challenge points. Kids could add them up to see who has more points. I taped OLAF cupcake toppers  on 10 blue plastic cups.

Frozen Party Games - Snowball Bowling 
I placed 4 on the bottom, then 3, then 2 then one on top to knock over or to bowl.  I bought a few bags of white whiffle balls to use as snowballs from the dollar store. But then at the last minute I couldn't find them. I think I put them in a "safe place" I wouldn't forget. Do you ever do that too? haha. So at the last minute I raided the white socks drawer and put 1/2 cup of rice in each old, white sock and then tied a knot. It worked great! Simply made bean bags!
Frozen Party Games - Snowball Rolling or Throwing was a blast! 
We tried putting these cups in the traditional bowling pattern but it wasn't as fun as the loud CRASH effect you got when you threw the beanbags. I think with whiffle balls it may have worked to bowl. 
My kindergarten kids LOVED this game. And my 2 year old grandson loved it too. Every time we set up the cups he would sneak over and knock them over before anybody got a chance. It was so funny!
I made these white "snowball beanbags" at the last minute with 1/2 cup of rice in old socks. They worked great! 
Prizes for the Frozen Party were card games, pencil and eraser sets, books, blue and pink mini-finger polish and giant, blue gumballs in a tall jar. 
7. Pin the nose on Olaf the Snowman. Olaf coloring page is HERE. Blow it up using an overhead projector and blue paper or blue fabric for pin the nose on Olaf.

Pin the Nose on Olaf game. I used a document camera to blow up a coloring page of Olaf HERE at Family Disney.  Then I traced it and cut it out and glued it on a blue poster board and added black buttons and eyebrows and stick arms.
Punch out some die cut snowflakes or make some out of white paper to put around the edges. I made up the sign too for this "station" or center.
Pin the Nose on Olaf Game was the sweetest game to watch the kids do. All the kids who played it had a blast.
Cut out the carrot noses for Pin the Nose on Olaf. Let kids write their own names on them with black Sharpie. Then give them a piece of tape and cover their eyes with a sweater cap or snow hat, twirl them a few times and let em go!

My littlest granddaughter in her Frozen costume from Halloween. Super cute! 
In my classroom we wrote about "People Who are Worth Melting For". We had everything from dogs to little sisters and of course grandma and grandpa! 
Olaf Frozen Art Project turned out easy peasy. I had the shapes cut out. (3 white ovals sized properly, orange carrots, white tooth, black mouth shape. Kids did arms, eyes, and glued on round black paper buttons. I die cut snowflakes and each got two to paste on. I would add 2 round legs next time and a few black sticks of hair. 
Cute little Olaf the Snowman Art - I forgot about his hair though! My bad. 
This is kindergarten writing. I am very proud of my kiddos! 
Great handwriting guys! Woo Hoo! 
Olaf the Snowman makes a very Cute Kindergarten art project! We just forgot to add 2 legs and hair! Woops! 
 Some cute stationery with lots of FROZEN ideas and free printables I found HERE at Frugal Homeschool. The paper below I just added an Olaf free printable HERE to some cute paper I already had. Then I typed "Some People are Worth Melting For" on the bottom.

Who do you think is Worth Melting For?  I have all of these Olaf art projects and writing ready to go for an after the holiday bulletin board! They will go up on the wall in January. 
 8. Freeze Dancing to "Let it Go" song. Play the song and let everybody dance or move around the room. Then quickly stop music and everybody freezes. It is fun. Good 1st game for ice breaker.

Frozen Bingo Game was fun. We used calling cards with the characters written on them. 
 9.  Play FROZEN Bingo. The free printable Bingo Cards are HERE at Oh My Fiesta. I made a few extra copies and cut and pasted a few of the pictures in 2 of them (since there are only 3 unique cards) so I could have 5 cards. Then I glued them on cardstock and put them in page protectors to play the game in my classroom.

To Play FROZEN BINGO, I put out little cups of blue Hersey's kisses with snowflakes on them. They were great for Bingo Markers. 
I found Frozen Fruit Snacks to use for prizes for the Frozen Bingo Game. I also found a big bag of giant, light blue bubble gum balls and put them in a tall jar. The kids could choose gum or fruit snacks when they won a round of Frozen Bingo. 
 The only bad thing about this game is that there are only 3 picture cards and I needed at least 5 cards. So I printed out 2 of each and then cut out a few squares and changed positions with 2 of the 6 cards. Then I glued each onto light blue cardstock and put each into a page protector so it would keep its shape. I used the words on the 4th Bingo card as calling cards.

Party Snacks and Foods

10. Blue Jello Squares. Just use half the water to make jiggler jello. Cut into squares and place in a bowl.
Frozen Party Food Table; we had gummy bears and Jelly beans, M and Ms, Gumdrops, Carrots, donuts, Chex Mix, Taquitos and Guacamole (forgot to take a picture). You could also order a few pizzas and make your life easy. I make some killer guac so I had frozen chicken taquitos in the oven ready to go. 
11. Carrots "Olaf  Noses" and apples and fresh oranges sliced up were easy and healthy snacks. I bought Chex Mix and had Candy for decorating Olaf the Snowman and Sven the Reindeer.

I had a bowl of baby carrots (Olaf noses) and this big bowl of Chex Mix as well as cut up fruits on the snack table. 
I printed out a cute little OLAF printout and taped it to the Blue Hawaiian Punch. The blue gumballs and kisses are in the background and front area. 
12. Punch Blue High C or Hawaiian Punch (Blue colored) with 7 up or Sprite.

13.Kettle Corn Popcorn Balls or Colored White and light blue Chocolate Popcorn. You can also drizzle with  Blue candy melts in the Popcorn.

  (Just melt a 1/2 cup of blue disks in the microwave. Then drizzle over microwaved popcorn). In my classroom I just did 4 bags of kettle corn and gave each table a bag and a big plate of cut up fruits. 
SVEN Cookies from Frozen made from Nutter Butter Cookies. These were easy for even the very youngest of my grandkids to make with just a little bit of help with the icing. The nose and eyes are mini M and Ms. The antlers are small pretzels. The moms just put a blob of icing where needed. 
The "SVEN" Reindeer Cookies turned out pretty cute. Kids made these! 
13. Sven (Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Cookies) cookies with round pretzel antlers and M & M nose and eyes. Even my two youngest granddaughters could do it with mom's help (2 year olds).

I got these cute, blue, square plates from Target. I placed all the things needed to make the Sven cookies and the Olaf donut snowmen on the plate for each partygoer. 
The Olaf Donut men had 2 toothpicks ( I used colorful ones) and 2 orange Mike and Ikes for the nose and belly button. Then M and Ms were eyes and buttons and a gummy bear cut down the middle (not all the way) and opened up, made the "scarf". 
14. Olaf powdered donut making. Use 2 white mini donuts, a Mike and Ike nose and belly button in orange, Little mini M and Ms for eyes and buttons, break off a curved pretzel for smile, and use colorful toothpicks for arms. Easy!

Olaf the Snowman Donut Making Station....These cute plates and cups were from Target too. I love their children's dinnerware. They are SO cute and inexpensive I have a set of 4 for just about every holiday. 
Olaf Donut Snowmen and Sven Reindeer Cookies. The smile on Olaf is from a broken pretzel (just check the bottom of the bag!) and the "scarf" is a cup open Sour Patch Kids gummy. You could use just about anything; fruit roll ups would be good too, or gummy worms cut down the middle. 
15 White Cheese Sticks with Olaf stickers on them or Olaf face drawn with markers.
Loving Mountain Life  had a cute idea to use Sharpies to draw Olaf on some white mozzarella cheese sticks. Here is a picture. I ran out of time. But these would be good to add a healthy snack to your treat table! 
Frozen Party Fun-To-Make Treats
 I popped a box of Chicken Taquitos in the oven and made ahead some fresh guacamole.The moms and dads loved the taquitos and guacamole and you don't need extra plates since they are a finger food. I also bought a bag of Chex Mix and a package of mini carrots (Olaf noses) for munching.  At school we had orange and apple slices and microwave Kettle corn. You could also add pizzas.

Frozen Christmas Tree....Keep Calm and Let The Storm Rage On.....Good advice! 
3 Party Invites and Take Home Favors.

16. Coloring Pages HERE at Media Cache. I used for the party invitations for my FROZEN party. I added a date and time and what to wear/bring. Also you could  send coloring pages and some colors home as a party favor. More coloring pages can be found HERE.

I found all these FROZEN coloring pages online as free printables. I had the kids come choose one of these and color while they were eating their finished donuts and treats.
17. Party favors could be "make a snowman" kits with bag toppers. The kit includes 3 large marshmallows, 2 pretzel sticks, some mini chocolate chips for eyes, mini M and Ms for buttons and an orange Mike and Ike for a nose, and 2 toothpicks for arms. I used colorful toothpicks.  
I bought giant coloring books for my grandkids in the dollar section at Target. They included a little tiny pack of colors! SCORE! For my classroom kids I just had snowman baggies and we put candy and little chocolate marshmallow snowmen inside each one along with some Hershey's kisses, and gumballs. 
I had these out at my Frozen Party for my grandkids. Mostly because I had bought 2 of each for my granddaughters and I mentally noted which one each wanted. Then I wrapped them up for Christmas presents! SCORE AGAIN! 
18. Build your own candy buffet take-home bag. I tried to keep the table blue and silver with blue and silver candies Kisses, light blue, giant, bubble gum balls, candy suckers or ring pops in blue too. Provide "snowflake" type bags with twisty ties. Check out bulk candy in the supermarket for "blue" candy ideas. I liked THESE Lolly Cubes blue, cube-shaped suckers. Or try These blue raspberry gummies. I used blue bubble gum balls and blue chocolate kisses and blue dum dum suckers and a big jar of marshmallows. Display them in clear, decorative cookie jars and vases with "scoops".
I tried to copy this and do a "blue candy" table but I just ended up using lots of snacks and candy. It was really fun anyway. Nobody cares if you do your own thing and add your favorite candy. Kids will love any kind of candy or treats you come up with! I promise! I've been a teacher 20 years. 

19. HERE at Our Thrifty Ideas  is a treat bag topper you can print out and fill with marshmallows, pretzel sticks and chocolate chips to make a "take home"snowman. But you can find all sorts of free printables to use as free take home fun. All you need are some ziplock baggies.

This would be a great take home Frozen Party Gift baggie full of ABC Flashcards with the Frozen theme. These were FREE PRINTABLES! Ye Ha! HERE is the link at Delicate Construction.
20. Match Game in a baggie for take home fun. Frozen Party match game can be found HERE. This one was a store bought game from Target. It was little cardboard squares, very durable. I've used it on rainy days in my classroom for recess time. The kids all love it.
This was a Frozen match game I found for $3.00 at Target in the Dollar section up front. We played this one while we were at one of the stations when they finished early making snowflakes. We never used the card game which was also $3.00, but I'm still working on that. It was a great prize so I bought several. 
21. Color some Frozen Movie Coloring Pages HERE while eating Kettle Corn and white chocolate dipped pretzels. You could also roll up a few coloring pages for take home gifts and attach a small 8 pack of crayons to each. Crayons go on sale before school starts for 25cents. I stock up and use them as gifts.

Coloring Pages. I think I had about 7 to choose from. I just made 5 copies of each since I had 23 classroom kids and 6 grandkids. 
This was one of the most fun parties I've ever planned. We made several videos of our fun time playing the games at the Frozen party. Check them out on Youtube. I should have them up very soon!

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