Sunday, December 7, 2014

Santa Handprint Art and Letters

Don't you LOVE handprint art done by kids? It is the CUUUUUTEST! Every year I make these "Santa" handprints and we write letters to Santa Claus. We always tell him how "good" we have been to butter him up for our requests!
Santa Handprints and Letters to Santa Claus done by Kindergarteners are super cute! 

This year nobody asked for anything outrageous. Mostly they asked for 1 gift. I liked that. I'm sure Santa will too. :D
Dear Santa, We have been GOOD this year. For Christmas I want a.......(lots of good sight word practice is showing up here). HERE is a link to lots of "Dear Santa" books from Amazon too. 

Letters to Santa. We have been GOOD Santa! Don't ya know? 

Here are some of our letters. The paper I got inside of a Scholastic book of stationery like this one HERE at Amazon. You can get it for a penny now! Woot!
My kinders are getting really good at letters now. We practice our writing every single day. 
Letters to Santa are always so cute. The top is a couple of gingerbread men and some candy canes to color. 
Everybody did a great job on their Santa Letters and Santa Handprints. I love them on our bulletin board outside our door! 
Letters to Santa. I hope we are not on the naughty list!! 
I used blue, red and green, glitter glue for the sparkly stars. You just paint the fingers white, the middle palm peachy, and the thumb area and base of palm red, for the Santa hat.
All We Want for Christmas  bulletin board outside in the school hall looks pretty cute. 
We've been seeing a lot of Santa this month. My granddaughters on the "Polar Express" in Lindon, Utah. They had fun chatting with him. 

This little one wants a drum set. She drew a picture of it for Santa so he doesn't forget. So cute.

Santa Handprints will look so cute in our writing portfolio for the year! Along with our Santa letters of course! I hope everybody gets the things on their list this year! 
After white handprints are dry, just dip a fingertip in white 2  times for Santa's white mustache, 1 fingertip white for the white pom pom on Santa's hat tip, and 5 little white fingertips on the bottom rim of the Santa hat. Then dip little dots from the wooden top of a paintbrush for the 2 round eyes and a red nose. I did the eyes in geen this year.  If you use green paper background I'd do the eyes blue.

We did blue eyes a few years back. Check out more activities we did for Christmas last year HERE.
Some letters from the past. I liked this kind of paper too. But these kids could do a lot more writing in 2nd grade. 

Q. What did Santa say to Mrs. Claus when he looked out the window? It looks like rain, dear! (reindeer). Get it? 
Q. What does Santa eat for breakfast? Frosted flakes! 
Q. Why does Santa love working in his garden? He likes to "hoe, hoe, hoe!" 
Q. Where does Santa keep his money? In a snow bank! 
Q. What does Santa plant in the fall? Christmas bulbs! haha. 

We will add these to our Writing Portfolio for December. Have some Happy Holiday everybody! I hope nobody gets on the naughty list!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Turkey Art Project from Colored Paper

One way to make really cute animals of any kind is to figure out some wacky looking eyeballs. I found a few cute and free printables for eyeballs that just MAKE these Thanksgiving Turkeys!
Turkey Art Project for Kinder Kids

I started by cutting out strips of 6 colors of butcher paper; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. We did all the colors of the rainbow. I cut them approximately 2 inches by 10 or 11 inches. If the kids are kinder age or younger, the shorter strips are easier for them to manipulate. If you have older kids you can go longer, maybe 14 inches.
Cut strips 2 inches by 11 inches for a small TURKEY art project. 

After cutting strips fold and glue the edges into "raindrop" shapes. 

Then we took each strip and made it into a "raindrop" shape by taking the two ends and gluing them together. We did that to all 6. Then we took 2 circles of brown for the head and body and glued them together. If your kids are young, glue them together for them before you start the project. I glued the kinder kids' together before school started.
Turkey Art Project 

Cute Turkey Art for Kindergarten. 

I cut the 2 circles about 4 1/2 inches and 6 inches. Then we cut orange, triangle shaped beaks. I had about 10 styles of eyeballs for the kids to cut out. I got the eyeballs and I found, while looking for some eyeballs to download, some cute faces I could use for fast finishers HERE at Dabbles and Babbles. Kids LOVE putting faces on blank heads! This will make a great bribe to get a math quiz finished!

The eyeballs I found are HERE at Flamingo Toes. Another one I found HERE at Kiki Creates blog. Another blogger had such a cute post using wiggly eyeballs for a class behavior motivator. Her darling post is Here at Teacher to the Core. Check her printable eyeballs out HERE. Zombie eyeballs Here on TPT.
I had this book full of Eyeballs galore to choose from for our Thanksgiving Turkeys! 

Yellow Accordian legs 1/2  inch by about 10 or 11 inches and the feet I just cut out of orange construction paper. 

I have a book I bought years ago with black and white eyeballs that I also used. I will see if I can design something myself to add to this post. If you want you could also used wiggly eyes from the craft store instead. Oh and we added a red "waddle" or "gobble" or whatever you call it under the beak.
Kindergarten Turkey Art for Thanksgiving 

Anyway, glue the "feathers" on the back of the turkey in rainbow color order. (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue purple).  Add the eyeballs and beak. We added legs in yellow folded accordian style, and then feet cut out in orange. Older kids could cut out their own feet. I did 3 rectangular shaped toes on the orange feet.
My Class (minus a few who don't want to be in pictures) with their Construction Paper Turkeys for Thanksgiving! 

Here are our finished colorful Thanksgiving Turkeys! Gobble Gobble!
Then we wrote what we are thankful for this year, after doing a whole class brainstorm on the board. The kindergarten kids wrote 4 things each, that they were thankful for, and they all had to start with the sight word "MY" for practice. We came up with things like "My home, my friends, my dog, my cat, my mom, my dad, my family, my video games, my dolls". HERE is some cute Stationery to write on. It is below and is free.

I love this Veggie Turkey for Thanksgiving Day. Isn't it so cute? Gotta try it! 
 I found the cute printables for many kinds of writing projects for Thanksgiving. I loved them all. The link is HERE at TPT on Debbie Palacios site.
Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! 
Gobble Gobble! 
Lastly we played some Pilgrim and Pumpkin Roll and Cover games HERE at TPT.  I loved this one with the Old Lady Who Swallowed "Too Much Turkey and Pumpkin Pie" for Thanksgiving. It has a really cute visual for adding up 2 dice. It is HERE at Mrs. Lirettes Learning Blog. My kids LOVED playing it during center time. Have a nice Thanksgiving Holiday everyone! Gobble Gobble.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Funny Story and Ugly Sweater Parties

Friday in my class we were doing turkeys for art. I was listening to the chit chat at one of the all-boy tables. It was quite hysterical. I just HAD to share the funny banter.  This is what it is like being a teacher. It will tickle your funny bone!

Downtown at Abravenal Hall to see the genius comic "Jim Gaffigan, Dad is FAT" show. 
"Hey Mrs. Moss did you know my mom is pregnant?" another child rebuts with "Hey MY dad is the President!!" another child "YOUR dad is American?" another child "My dad is the judge!" Another child says "Hey, but MY dad works at McDonalds, I saw him there when I was a little kid!" Everything went silent for a few seconds while the kids pondered that revelation.....

Funny Monkey stocking I saw yesterday at Hobby Lobby. It just cracked me up! I love Christmas stockings for kids. I'd buy a new set every year if I could! 
. I just HAD to stop and write it all down. 1 minute of kinder kid discussion and wit.  Unbelievable. These kids could be doing stand up comedy! They all stopped in awe of the lucky McDonald's kid. Tee Hee. Oh this made me chuckle today! And #McDonalds, take note!

I was dinkin' around Hobby Lobby yesterday and these ugly sweater party invitations and decorations caught my eye. HOW FUN IS THAT?!?  I want to have an Ugly Sweater Par-tay! I have plenty of them to decide between, that's FOR SURE! (And I could dress the hubs up funny too, lol.)
Ugly Sweaters are the BOMB! I Agree! 
Cute Snowman in his ugly sweater holding your cookies for your Ugly Sweater Party... tee hee. Gotta Love it! 
Me and the hubs enjoyin' life and laughing our guts out with Jim Gaffigan last week. Happy Holidays!!  And Happy Ugly Sweater Parties one and all!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sight Word Lists - Make a Rainbow

Here is the Sight Word Rainbow for our class to use to see who is learning all their Kindergarten sight words from the list. I put the words in a listing order from easy to harder with some color words sprinkled in. Most of these words make up the 50 most used words in Children's Literature. So it is super smart to memorize them for reading fluency.
Class Sight Word Rainbow. Add your "sun" with YOUR name on it as soon as you learn the words in List 1.  (is, it, in, on, no, of, us, as, an am, at, the). Each list has 12 words for 72 total. 
If you help your kids learn these words, they will become better readers. It is plain and simple. Sight words are words that are harder to sound out and are better learned my rote memorization.

We have 5 kids so far that have put their "sun" up on the red part of the rainbow, having memorized the first word list of 2 letter words and THE. The words are listed on the back of the homework folder in 5 lists. These kids won a red piece of licorice. Let's see how many we can get up on the rainbow by Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Math Add and Subtract Mats and Counters

My friend Kim Metcalf gave me some really cute ideas for making up couting bins for fast finishers.
I made up a few and use them daily instead and hand each one out to a table of 4-5 kids during math time so they can use them in their counting.  They love them! 

The first one is a gumball machine and pom pom counters. Here at Mrs. Byrds Kinder  is a cute gumball machine to use with some Walmart pom poms as a counter mat and counters for kindergarten or first grade.
The kids love when it is their turn to use the colorful pom poms! 
Gumball math mat with pom poms for the gumballs! 

 Byrd's Kinder had a cute gumball machine I shrunk and made up 6 for a center table. AND it's a great idea to use later for a behavior motivator for some of my harder kiddos. I would just shrink it a bit more and use dot stickers. 
Birthday Cake math mat with counters made from Dollar Store birthday candles (80 for $1.00!) I got the math mat blackline HERE at Activity Village. They also had some free math downloads that were cute on the birthday cake theme. 

The Fabulous First Grade website had some cute candy corn math activities you could add for fun to these candy corn counters. I just used a black haunted house for these and sometimes used dried lima beans one side spray painted orange. Fun for October. Maybe some haystacks with candy corn for November? 
I'm going to try pizzas next and cut up felt pieces for the counters shaped like pepperoni, sausage, tomatoes, olives etc. I'll post the pictures when I get it done.

Another one I made was a T-shirt with colorful buttons. I made my t-shirts out of colorful felt. A printable t-shirt is HERE. The buttons I bought are HERE at Amazon.
ROYLCO R2131 Bright Buttons, Assorted Sizes, Shapes and Color, 1/2-Pound

I found a free printable ladybug to use with my black dry beans as a counting mat. It is HERE at the Measured Mom. I got the dry, black beans at the market.
Kindergarten math mats to use with black bean counters.

Then another one  was a bin of tiny shells I've had for many years. I used sandpaper and blue foam shaped like a "fishbowl" for the mats. I'm trying to decide which ones the kids like better. I hope they are careful with my little shells!
 Sandpaper and blue foam fishbowl math mats with shell counters.
 I don't know which ones the kids like better so I made a few of each.
Here is the Christmas tree and the Ladybug mats. I just backed them with red cardstock and laminated. I must have forgotten to take a pic of the Hobby Lobby Christmas doo dads. They were only $1.99 for a package of about 60 little ornaments. 

The kids' favorite this week was a new one I just put out for Christmas, since we go off track in less than 2 weeks they won't get to use it for long. It is a Christmas tree. The mat is HERE. Then I went over to Hobby Lobby and found a package of Christmas colorful foam pieces that looked like ornaments and candy for the counters. They are super cute. The kids LOVE them.

This mat is from

The last counters I bought have a space theme and then I found Christmas Checkers. I haven't figure out what to do with either of these yet. Still thinking of a cute mat. Any ideas?

I found a snowflake mat that might work for these chips. I can also use some tiny foam snowflakes for it. It is HERE at Prekinders. I printed off page 11 that had "10 snowflakes" and we can use addends of 10 to count with on this mat.  There are many other "grid" counting mats that I liked HERE.  I can use my shells with sandbucket counting mats or white pom poms with snowman grid counting mats. I know the kiddos will love them!
 Red and green checkers from the dollar store had 32 in each bag. Great chunky counters for little fingers. I laminated the checkerboard so maybe that will work for a counting mat?
I found a cute "space" mat for these glow in the dark shapes HERE at coloring hub.  I printed the coloring page on gray cardstock and laminated them. It is a cute mat. 
These glow in the dark stars were a dollar store item too. I thought maybe just some black foam might work as the "night sky" counting mat? Here was lots of space coloring pages. I found one that had a planet, and a rocket that might work.

Now I just need to get some little containers for all my counting mat junk!! Anybody have any suggestions here? Maybe just some Rubbermaid tubs?

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